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Libya: Violation of War Power's Act?

How it Came to "PASS"

Vietnam marked a very important part of American history.  One of those markers is The War Powers Act of 1973"The War Powers Act of 1973 was designed to be a recognition of the precise powers both Congress and the president of the United States have in the use of the United States military. The throes of the Vietnam War were winding down and tens of thousands of U.S. troops had been killed. Congress decided to pass a law limiting the powers of the executive branch to indiscriminately using the military without approval of the legislative branch.
The Vietnam War escalated and several administrations from President John F. Kennedy and then President Lyndon Johnson sent more and more troops to Vietnam. Congress finally stepped in during Nixon's administration to clarify how the Constitution should interpret the powers of the president in war time.
Nixon vetoed the legislation and Congress overrode it. This set the stage for several tugs of war between the president and Congress in the next 38 years." 

This act is also referred to as the "War Powers Resolution" which was not at all a "resolution."  "The term 'Resolution' can be misleading; this law originated as a Joint Resolution and was passed by both Houses of Congress pursuant to the Legislative Process, and has the same legal effect as a Bill which has passed and become a law."  Interestingly enough, it came into legislation even though it was vetoed by the President "I am not a criminal" Nixon.

Committee in Session
Things like how to pass a Bill in Congress, "Just a Bill Song"--1975) used to be explained between Sesame Street and cartoons on Saturday mornings but quickly disappeared in 
the post Vietnam dummy-down phase of America.

Socialist Agenda
Currently, the media is attempting to explain to America WHY "President" Obama does not have to adhere to the War Powers Act in regards to the "conflict" in Libya.  Libyan leader Muammar Gadaffi has been in power for over 40 years, holding the all-time record for the number of years as a "ruler."  "The Economy of Libya is centrally planned and follows Gadaffi's socialist ideals. It depends primarily upon revenues from the petroleum sector which contributes practically all export earnings and over half of GDP.  These oil revenues and a small population have given Libya the highest nominal per capita GDP in Africa.  Since 2000, Libya has recorded favourable growth rates with an estimated 10.6 percent growth of GDP in 2010."   (Note:  GDP is Gross Domestic Product)

Gadaffi appears to be much like Obama in that they both have a socialist agenda.  According to Hillary "Billary" Clinton, "But the bottom line is, whose side are you on? Are you on Gadhafi’s side or are you on the side of the aspirations of the Libyan people...." First, Billary was from Arkansas when she was Mr. "I did not have sex with that woman" Clinton's First Lady...or second...or third...or fourth....  Anyway, then she's from New York.  But, of makes perfect sense.  Being a politician from Arkansas/New York makes her an expert on what the Libyan people want!  Rumor has it she owns the Rosetta Stone software with a version of the Libyan dialect. 

So whose side am I on?  America's. BUT (disclaimer) I do not think the government/administration has a right to fight a war with American tax payer dollars based on accusations of another country's leader.  The situation sounds more like "Libya has oil."  As I always say, "Smells like shit, looks like shit, it probably is shit."  I will say in the defense of Libya, they did renounce their nuclear weapons program in 2003.  In my OPINION, America is engaged in too many wars on too many fronts and ass deep in debt as a result.

30/60/90 and Counting...
So how did we get involved in this mess?  First of all, Obama did not seek Congressional approval to engage in war against Libya.  If an American president engages in war without the approval of Congress, he/she has 60 days to seek that approval.  If this is not attempted, the president has another 30 days to withdrawal troops.  "President" Obama has refused to comply.  Here's why:  1) We (America) are not "at war" with Libya.  It's just a "conflict".  2)  The War Powers Act is antiquated.  No one actually "declares" war anymore so the document is not worth acknowledgment.  3)  The United States of America is not committing the "act" as NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is really doing the work.  4)  Obama does not have to refer to the War Powers Act because he is following UN (United Nations) guidelines.

Let's address number 1.  Dropping bombs from a manned plane or a drone (automated) is STILL dropping bombs.  The last time I checked bombs=war. Though the NATO agreement states, "...and the organization constitutes a system of collective defence whereby its member states agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by any external party...."  Hmm.  I'm confused.  Did Libya attack America?  In case you are wondering, No they DID NOT.  The Socialist Democrats here in America just don't like the way they (Gadaffi's regime) do things over there.  Number 2 is accurate.  No one does seem to "declare" war and perhaps needs some consideration.  For example, I would like to know if someone is going to punch me so I can prepare.  Number 3?  Please.  Using NATO.  Another Analogy.  If I hire a hit man to kill someone, am I not still guilty of attempted murder?  And lastly....behind door Number 4...America is NOT part of the UN.  Really, I was under the assumption that Obama works for America--but there I go making assumptions.

You have to ask yourself, "WWND (What Would Nixon Do)?  “Let’s be perfectly cold-blooded 

President Nixon conferred with Henry Kissinger
 about it.... I look at the tide of history out there, South Vietnam probably is never gonna survive anyway.... [C]an we have a viable foreign policy if a year from now or two years from now, North Vietnam gobbles up South Vietnam?”
Mr. Kissinger replied that American policy could remain viable if Saigon’s collapse “ looks as if it’s the result of South Vietnamese incompetence. If we now sell out in such a way that, say, in a three- to four-month period, we have pushed President Thieu over the brink.... it will worry everybody... So we’ve got to find some formula that holds the thing together a year or two, after which... no one will give a damn.”

And for the record, 10 US lawmakers (comprised of both Republicans and Democrats) have filed a lawsuit against Obama for his unauthorized military strikes against Libya. 

Disclaimer:  Opinions expressed here are solely those of the author unless otherwise stated.

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  1. If our Muslim president doesn't support Israel in September at the UN, woe unto this nation. Obadiah 1:15... What we do to Israel and Jerusalem will be done to us. Right down the middle.